Girls Time Out is a service located in Rockhampton, QLD that provides Programs for both young Men & Women in the region between the ages of 12-25. The ranges of programs we provide are;

Young Empowered Parents Program.
The Young Empowered Parents Program contributes to positive beginnings for young parents up to the ages of 25, The Young Empowered parents program offers the participant to learn about each area of wellness, and how working toward living at a place of increased wellness can have positive effects on the participant and their parenting.

The Young Mums Support Program,
The Young Mums Support Program aims to support Mothers or pregnant mothers by building parenting and relationship skills, reducing isolation, and providing support to enhance social and emotional wellbeing.

Me, Myself & I Program
The Me, Myself & I program is designed for young women to develop an awareness of her own identity with the aim of building up & maintaining her effectiveness and well-being. The Me, myself and I program is an unfunded program so therefore we solely rely on donations to run this program.

Gen/Y Housing Program.
The Gen-y housing program is for young men & women aged between 16-25 years old who are needing assistance with accessing housing and accommodation.

The size of the community we interact with would be 50-100 people weekly.