Girls Time Out is passionate about meeting people where they are at. We are passionate about seeing everyone reach their goals and full potential. As a team, we are here to support you on your journey and our goal is to accomplish positive outcomes and we are here to help you find out what that positive outcome will look like. We are an organisation that listens, that supports, that teaches and that cares. We want to see growth in you. We will meet you where you are at.

Girls Time Out is a service located in Rockhampton, QLD that provides Programs for both young Men & Women in the region between the ages of 12-25. The ranges of programs we provide are the Young Empowered Parents Program. The Young Mums Support Program, the Me, Myself & I Program and the Gen/Y Housing Program. The Young Empowered Parents Program contributes to positive beginnings for young parents up to the ages of 25, The Young Empowered parents program offers the participant to learn about each area of wellness, and how working toward living at a place of increased wellness can have positive effects on the participant and their parenting. The Young Mums Support Program aims to support Mothers or pregnant mothers by building parenting and relationship skills, reducing isolation, and providing support to enhance social and emotional wellbeing. The Me, Myself & I program is designed for young women to develop an awareness of her own identity with the aim of building up & maintaining her effectiveness and well-being. The Me, myself and I program is an unfunded program so therefore we solely rely on donations to run this program. This program is for women ages 12-20 years.  The Gen-y housing program is for young men & women aged between 16-25 years old who are needing assistance with accessing housing and accommodation.

The size of the community we interact with would be 50-100 people weekly.

The two unfunded programs are the Me, Myself & I program, and the child safety visits with the department of child safety.


The Young Empowered parents program offers parents up to the age of 25 to learn about each area of wellness and how working toward living at a place of increased wellness can have positive effects on the participant and their parenting. We will also be facilitating an Anger management session; in this session we will examine What anger is and why it is one of the most misunderstood emotions. This session will also indicate how to deal with anger in a positive way. We will also be facilitating a session regarding Domestic violence; this session will explain what domestic violence is and its impact on families.


The Young Mums Program at Girls Time Out works with young mums aged 16 to 30 years old. The Young Mums group helps to support parenting skills, as well as support their emotional and mental well-being. We have a health nurse that attends weekly from Qld Health to monitor the baby’s growth as well allowing the mums to freely as any questions. Girls Time Out also has other organisations from the community come in and assist our young mums so they can reach their full potential, such as Centrelink and QLD health. We are passionate about supporting them at this young age. Girls Time Out wants to see each young girl reach their full potential into the best Mum that they can be.


Our target group are young females and males from 16 years to 25 years who are seeking housing supports due to couch surfing, relationship breakdowns, unconventional living standards or other reasons that may arise which has led to homelessness or being at risk of homelessness. The Gen/ Y Housing Referral & Support Program is a referring service, the clients are referred via a Housing platform called QHIP (Qld Housing Information Platform) which mostly all housing sectors are linked to for supports for our housing clients. The referrals are sent to the relevant housing sectors depending on the age, situation /background and financial status determines where the referral is sent.   


12 years – 20 years old for Females. This program relies solely on donations – all proceeds from the 2020 Christmas
Carols at the Pilbeam Theatre and the Rockhampton Music Bowl went to this program.  This program is about Resilience, Empowerment and seeing the value in who they are. This then turns into having value for others. The program is about Peer Support. This is done by creating positive conversations, positive relationships with others and creating intentional funky art that reflects the topic of that morning around self-belief, values, and identity.